Make a Difference in the Community

Annual Pow Wow Exhibition

Every April, we bring Tribal members from different Reservations to celebrate end of winter with traditional drumming and dancing in full Regalias.  Event sponsors about 20 American Indians to travel from their Reservations to Aspen for a two days visit.  The purpose of AUF program is to give a chance to impoverish individuals from diverse Indian Reservations by coming to Aspen Valley to be exposed to a physically and emotionally healthy environment, to lift up their spirit by reconnecting with their ancestral lands, and to educate the “non-Indian community” to the plight of the first inhabitants of this continent.  We feel that by supporting the traditional ways of the American Indians through Pow Wows and cultural events, we contribute to healing long lasting traumas that are affecting the Indigenous Peoples.



Aspen, CO 81611, USA

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